Silver Star Imports - About Us

Michael Rush in front of building Silver Star Imports is the premier service and sales center for Mercedes Benz, Lexus, Toyota and Sprinter in Edmond, Oklahoma. Silver Star Imports repairs, consults and sells these automobiles exclusively because owner Michael Rush believes in doing one thing well, so he chose foreign models. He grew-up tinkering with cars and in his early youth he became fascinated with Mercedes Benz vehicles. Rush turned that passion into a successful business still going strong after more than 30 years.

Michael came to Oklahoma in 1980 from Mississippi for a family reunion and decided to stay. He found the people, climate and auto industry to be intriguing and wanted to pursue a career in Oklahoma. He felt there was a need to specialize and with so many auto repair shops around, he decided to work on the vehicle that he loved best - and that was Mercedes Benz.

Over the years, Rush saw a need to expand his business to include Lexus, Toyota, and most recently, Sprinter vehicles. "Sprinters are unique in that regardless of what brand they are sold under - whether Dodge, Mercedes or Freightliner - they are all manufactured by Mercedes Benz," explains Rush. "They have a Mercedes Benz engine and use Mercedes parts. It's because of this that a lot of technicians and mechanics at local dealerships would prefer not to work on Sprinters. But with the experience we have servicing Mercedes Benz vehicles, it was a natural step for us to start working on them. Now we have businesses bringing us their Sprinters from as far away as Indiana!"

Silver Star Road SignMichael Rush has always tried to follow his heart and instincts. One of the true gut level feeling is that, "Lots of cars are on the road in Oklahoma, aren’t safe these days." The State of Oklahoma discontinued safety inspections several years ago. "Without state-required inspections it's up to the customer to have their cars kept up to date," Rush said. Many times his clients may have an extra car sitting idle for most of the year and they’ll drive it without a second thought, with out taking the time to have them checked out. "They have bad tires, no brake lights or poor brakes and they could put themselves or other at risk." he said.

Michael Rush still ponders the question "what would I do if it was my car?" Putting himself in his customer’s shoes, has always kept his customers coming back time and time again.