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Wings – A Special Needs Community

In 2002, Special Needs Adult Communities, (SNAC) Inc., doing business as Wings, was created as a non-profit 501 (c)(3) corporation. Its purpose is to realize the mission and vision of the friends, family, and supporters of adults with disabilities in Oklahoma.

Our daughter, Cassi, has struggled her entire life trying to find a “fit” for her disability. Her disability was never quite understood until just recently. She is now 21. Cassi has Aspergers and suffers from extreme anxiety. This makes it hard for her to encompass the world as you and I may see it.

As parents, we all want to provide our children with the best the world has to offer. We want to know that they can go out into the world and not only live well but to live life to their fullest and with every day being surrounded by happiness and fulfillment. As parents, we worried about what direction Cassi would take, especially if something happened that we were not here to supply this……………

We found the answer when we stumbled onto Wings. This program has changed not only Cassis life, but also, ours as parents. At Wings, Cassi gets to enjoy friendships and many more aspects of Wings mission including reaching the full potential of all she was created to be, living a healthy, satisfying and enjoyable life, growing socially, emotionally and spiritually, feeling safe and independent, developing meaningful productive job skills, experiencing the pride of contributing to not only her own support, but also in giving back to the community through volunteering.

I began volunteering last year and I can say it has changed my life forever. The biggest realization I have come to experience is the vast differences between the face of special needs. We all may look different, act different and some may think and talk different BUT, we are ALL truly the same at the core, some just may need a little extra help in this journey called life.

I plan to build a future with this organization. I would encourage anyone wanting more information to visit their website at or contact me at 405-823-2948.

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