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I helped work on my first Mercedes in 1972 pulling a cylinder head off a 280SL.

Professionally…I have been working on Mercedes Benz since 1977. That beginning was working at an independent repair shop specializing on Mercedes Benz only. That provided repairs on what was then, older Mercedes. 1950’s and 1960’s was regular. In 1980 I went to the Mercedes dealership where I worked on 1970’s up thru current 1980’s models. I went independent in 1984.

Decades have gone by and now.  What was once upon a time, daily or regular car models to work on are now Classics and people want them fixed up back like they were.

To me, this is a windfall because I have found that I love working on the older Mercedes. Finding real brass & copper fittings, I love polishing them up to display these materials. Detail is everywhere on these and I love it.

I have first hand experience doing engine overhauls on:

  • M100 – 600 Limo, Pullman, 6.3 & 6.9
  • M110 – M116 – M117 – M119 – M127 – M129 – M130 – M186
  • M615 – M616 – M617 – M601 – M602 – M603
  • M102 – M103 – M104

The pictures to the left are cars done or in process.

If you click on one it will direct you to our gallery page where many before and after pictures are posted.

Each picture has its own album.

If you have one of these treasures and are thinking about freshening it up you may have questions. Give us a call. (405) 341-6030

Michael Rush