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Air Conditioning System Check Up - FREE

Hot Oklahoma weather will be here soon. Let us check your car’s air conditioner now.

What is included in the Auto Air Conditioning System Service?

  • A/C Performance System Check - Including proper blower function, proper vent open and close and transition from Heat to Cool.

  • A/C System Inspection - Including proper operation of refrigeration system, cooling fans and engine coolant.

Call 341-6030 to set up your AC check up.

Silver Star Imports is a premier independent service and sales center for Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, Toyota and Sprinter vehicles. Located in Edmond, Oklahoma, at Silver Star, we have integrity and a true sense of dedication. That’s what sets us apart.

The staff at Silver Star has over 92 years of combined experience in the marketplace, and this kind of know-how is what keeps our customers coming back from all over Oklahoma and Texas.

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